8 World

A user-centric refresh of a household media platform.


What We Did

Product Strategy, UIUX, Interaction Design, Scrum Methodology, Mobile Native Development, Web Responsive Development, CMS Architecture and Development

The Brief

With a vision to be a one-stop Chinese information portal, Mediacorp partnered with Aleph in re-thinking and revamping the Channel 8 News online portal and mobile apps.  Part of this re-think is the integration of the entertainment portal iWeekly into the 8World Platform and ensuring that the experience flows seamlessly across hard news, lifestyle and entertainment content types.

Another big revamp was the upgrade of the Content Management System that the news portal editors will be using.  The revamp had to make sure that the new CMS would cater for a more dynamic and efficient workflow for the editors.


We wanted to create a lasting product that would cater to the browsing needs of users of all generations. We chose to run the project in a cycle of Research, Design, Development, and User Testing (UT) phases. Insights and data generated from the UTs and Research stages were then translated into designs and development. 

The process included stakeholders and various teams from the media network including editors, reporters, ad sales team, infra and operations.  

The endeavour was massive and touted as the biggest digital transformation journey for Mediacorp.  

All the collaboration resulted in 8 World, a modern take on a media platform for all Chinese news and entertainment readers.

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