UOB Mighty App

Bank. Dine. Pay. All-in-one.

Financial services

What We Did

Strategy, Scrum, UI/UX, Innovation Lab, Mobile development, Back-end development

The Brief

The banking app landscape in Singapore was becoming crowded with deal apps, dining apps, and banking apps. It was hard for clients to differentiate between the offerings.

Aleph and UOB worked together to design and develop the UOB Mighty. UOB Mighty makes banking and dining effortless. You no longer have to visit a Branch for your daily transactions or search through restaurant reviews through multiple mediums. We make all these features effortless and readily accessible through your mobile device.


Designed and developed with a specific lifestyle in mind, UOB Mighty is the first contactless payments app that is fully secure and elegantly combined with banking services and dining deals.


100k + downloads within the first months and overwhelmingly positive response from consumer blogs and social media.

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