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Customers Business Technology

We bring business, customers, and technology together to innovate and thrive.


Business Strategy

The digital world is moving faster and faster. In this ever shifting landscape, business needs to evaluate how to bring their core offerings to the digital enabled masses. We work closely with clients to create real digital business cases that help their brands thrive in the future.

Product Innovation

Besides looking for business opportunities, Aleph and clients co create digital products and services. We take a fresh idea or an existing product and make it relevant for today’s connected world. All the way from concept through to execution.

Innovation Labs

Even before our clients create any transformation program we work with them to imagine what the future of their business will look like. In a compressed time period we work together to dream the future and rapidly sketch out and prototype those dreams. The end result is a dream you can touch and feel, one that our clients then work with us to bring to their customers.

User Experience Design

We are the ones at the table that ask: “Is this right for the user?”. Our focus on making sure our solutions are right for the user have always made product headlines. We take research, wishes, ideas and design something that users are delighted to integrate intro their lives.

Interaction Design

What may seem like a simple press of the button we iterate into perfection. Our clients’ customers interact with their brand across many touchpoints. We make sure that when they interact with our clients products it is effortless and joyful. Yes, we want to make your customers joyful.

Rapid Prototyping

The world is moving too fast to spend eight months on thinking of an idea. We conceptualise, then prototype to get real world feedback quickly. That’s what we do.

Visual Design

Bad design hurts humanity. We work hard to give our clients’ customers a wow feeling when they see a new product. A wow feeling that lasts, and one they want to talk about.

Brand Identity

We find, define, and design, what a brand stands for. Making sure our clients’ brand permeates across all of the customer touch points. So they walk away with the feeling of familiarity, a feeling of yes that was that brand.

User Research and Testing

After defining user personas we put on research gear and interact with real humans. From one to one interviews, focus groups as well as recorded user interaction testing we make sure our clients’ products get lots of friction with the real world.

Service Design

Customers interact with brands through many different touchpoints, across many different channels. We work to redefine processes and create a cohesive customer experience from our clients’ internal process all the way to the user.

Design Thinking

We work with our clients to define, rapidly prototype, and test new and revamped products. We bring design thinking through the whole process. We ask the why to get to the how.

Front-end Development

Whether it’s HTML5 using Angular, React or other frameworks, or our clients have a strictly defined framework. We work hard to push the boundaries of beautiful interaction. We consider our Front-end development colleagues an extension of the design team. They are just as responsible for a wow experience.

Systems Integration

Aleph is not a systems integration company. But we have enough expertise so that our clients SI partner and internal back end technology team loves us. Our Back End team ensure that all our work is easy to integrate and maximises our clients back-end services capabilities.

Mobile Apps

We develop iPhone and Android apps. Whether its native or responsive adaptive approach that is usable across all platforms we make sure to leverage the unique features of each phone. Aleph has years of experience in delivering enterprise level apps that are used by end customers as well as our clients’ internal staff.


Aleph brings e-commerce thinking to all of the projects we are involved in. In the e-commerce world the fastest path to purchase wins. We develop big cross platform e-commerce presences for some of the most recognisable brands.

Internet of Things

At Aleph, we know the internet is all around us. We work hard to make sure our clients are connected on all relevant items. It can be as simple as a campaign that links the digital world to the physical world to get customers excited. Or a deeply integrated iBeacon strategy to bring real world impulses back onto our clients apps.

Augmented Reality

We take AR literally. We believe digital can Augment our clients Reality. We work with clients to see how their brand can make their customers’ lives better through AR.

Digital Strategy

We work with our clients and guide them in the digital marketing landscape. We provide a wide breadth of services ranging from Social Listening and Management to Campaign and Content creation.

Content Marketing

Content is King and Queen. We work with some of the biggest consumer brands to build a content strategy that drives popular conversation. We create content that is relevant, not only for the customer, but builds brand equity and wins more share of mind for our clients.

Social Media Marketing

From chat to social media, we work closely with brands to make sure their message resonates on relevant platforms. Wether its paid, owned, or earned, Aleph sends the right content to the right customer.